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Xavier de Sousa, Nwando Ebizie, Nicolas Henninger, Jake Krushell

The Space Between

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The Space Between, East Street Arts

As part of Season for Change, East Street Arts is delivering ‘The Space Between’, a piece of participatory creative work that celebrates the environment and inspires people to take urgent action

The commission will place artists and local communities at the heart of this process through a series of interactive and participatory commissions that bring together science, art, and activism in the Leeds communities of Burmantofts, Mabgate, and Lincoln Green. These areas within East Leeds were chosen as they were instrumental to Leeds’ growth, manufacturing, and industrial past.

Many of East Street Arts main properties are positioned between these three ward areas of Leeds. We are part of a community that is working to combat aggressive gentrification.

This programme is an artistic and social response to these neighbourhoods that were instrumental to Leeds’s manufacturing and industrial past, whilst recognising that post-industrial communities are likely to disproportionately experience the impact of environmental degradation brought on by climate change. We want to produce a programme that re-centres the climate change narrative within the communities most impacted by its outcomes.

About the artists

East Street Arts are commissioning the following artists: Xavier de Sousa, Nwando Ebizie, Nicolas Henninger, Jake Krushell.

  • Xavier De Sousa’s REGNANT: a multi-dimensional project that will encompass a durational performance, a series of workshops and Open Studio sharings. The whole process will involve participants from local East Leeds neighbourhoods and the audience to explore the themes of migration, identity, belonging, adaptation and power structures and how these collide with the pressing issue of climate change.
  • Nwando Ebizie’s ‘Extreme Unction Vol.2’: a new multi-sensory installation inspired by ritual, biophilia, neuro-divergent design and indigenous technologies. At once a sonic installation, instrument, performance and healing space. As part of designing and building the installation there’ll be workshops on sustainable architectural practices, DIY ritual packs and special performance events.
  • Nicolas Henninger’s CABANON: Nicolas will give residents the chance to experience ‘low waste’ living and consider material changes they can make in their lives. Nicolas will create CABANON. A reference to Le Corbusiers minimal retreat home which was no larger than 8ftX8ft and built from one material. Cabanon will invite people to live for a couple of nights to explore their habits and a more sustainable way of life.
  • Jake Krushell’s TURBINE is a sculptural artwork that will have a significant function and aesthetic. It will generate energy to power Nicolas’ piece CABANON while bringing a bold and permanent aesthetic contribution to the neighbourhood. Jake will also deliver workshops to the community surrounding his methods and sustainable production.

About the organisation

Since 1993, East Street Arts has been working to secure better livelihoods for artists, and its neighbours in Leeds, while addressing issues of economic and commercial decline in towns and cities.

Founded on a broad definition of visual art including traditional disciplines of painting and sculpture plus more specifically socially engaged practices, crafts/makers, radio, sound, street, and public art, they work to ensure on-going professional support is available for working artists.

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