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Love Letters to a Liveable Future

Door with handle and postcard resting on ledge with text on saying Impossible is not a fact, it's an attitude

Love Letters to a Liveable Future, METIS


Love Letters to a Liveable Future

4 June – 4 September 2020




What do you dream of, out there on the other side of crisis?

This time-sensitive work uses the current context to co-create a vision of an alternative future of human and planetary flourishing.

Could this crisis make another world possible? What do we miss about our old lives and what would we like to replace and transform?

A pack of postcards with instructions for improvising alternative futures will be sent to you. Designed to stimulate reflection and conversation amongst households, families and friends, these cards offer participants the dream space to imagine how we would like our world to be different when we re-emerge from lockdown.

Participants will also be invited to share their visions of a liveable future with the METIS team either by post, online or via a video call with our performer-devisors.

There will be a limited run of 50 packs available in the first instance.

Collaborators: Zoë Svendsen with Anna-Maria Nabirye, Charlie Folorunsho, Jess Mabel Jones, Lucy Wray, Nicky Childs, Shôn Dale-Jones, Stefanie Müller and Tom Ross-Williams.

Love Letters to a Liveable Future is part of an ongoing process of ‘research-in-public’ in which different voices and conversations are continuously added to the artwork and inform future iterations of the project including a live improvised theatre performance planned for 2021.

Part of Homemakers. A Cambridge Junction Homemakers commission with support from Artsadmin.

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