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Season for Ex-Change Two

Finding Hope and Solidarity in Real Utopias #2

Illustration by Hannah Roast, @hannah.draws.etc

Illustration by Hannah Roast, @hannah.draws.etc

Season for Ex-Change Two

Finding Hope and Solidarity in Real Utopias #2

20 May 2021

1 - 2 pm

Online event via Zoom



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About this event

Environmental crisis, massive social inequalities, and political tribalism are huge and complex issues. Working to address them can be draining and dispiriting. Yet we need optimism to energise and continue this work. This workshop aims to offer a space for this optimism and solidarity by sharing and celebrating some ‘real utopian’ projects which are happening across the globe. These project are modelling new ways of organising society and, in so doing, chipping away at our current destructive social and economic systems.

Over two, hour-long lunchtime sessions, you will learn more about the concept of ‘real utopias’ and what its role could be in building a socially and environmentally just future. And we will hear from those enacting real utopian projects around the world – from barter-based folk schools reimagining knowledge exchange, to theatre-based, participatory policy-making. These sessions will be hosted by Dr Malaika Cunningham, Practice Researcher at Artsadmin.

PART 2: 1pm-2pm (BST) Thursday 20th May

Guest presenters:

Charise Johnson is a science policy researcher and environmental justice advocate. She is interested broadly in the interlinking roles of science, social science and creative practice for solving pressing environmental and social issues. She will be telling us about her work with Solidaritree, a creative environmental network led by women of colour who champion community partnership and collaboration, challenge exclusionary narratives around the environment and the distribution of resources, and accessibly communicate the urgent need for change.

Jennifer DeCoste (Life.School.House) is based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, where she founded the Life.School.House. The Life.School.House is building a non-traditional learning community that celebrates local wisdom, builds connections in community, and reinforced the social value of barter and exchange.

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Season for Ex-Change is supported by ACT (Art, Climate, Transition) through the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the Foundation for FutureLondon and City of London, and Arts Council England through Season for Change.

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