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Decade for Treasuring Life

Walk the Talk/ Talk the Walk

Hope is a Decision

Hope is a Decision

Decade for Treasuring Life

Walk the Talk/ Talk the Walk

30 September – 14 December 2021


COP 26 Climate Fringe/Meeting Ground Theatre

Nottingham & Glasgow and places en route

England – Midlands
England – North

Relaxed event


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An elder woman walks 300 miles for 30 days from Nottingham to Glasgow COP 26, with 3 “friends” in her pocket and 3 questions chosen by the Youth of Nottingham (supported by UNESCO Nottingham City of Literature). Questions will focus on the themes of Hope, Humanity and Our Planet.

Travelling through rural and urban environments  engaging with folks along the way. Recording diverse dialogues/responses daily on route. (For parts of the journey, playwright Stephen Lowe will join to discuss form and delivery – Stephen has Parkinsons). Accommodation, support networks and routes recorded for Slow Ways.

This will be a personal meditation and interrogation of the heart.

On arrival to Glasgow:  To present 30 minute Verbatim poetry Events (Talk the Walks) fused with music and projections x3 for 7 days, ideally in streets/parks at COP 26 Climate Fringe sites (depending of weather). Aiming to continue dialogues during COP26 (week 2).

To return (10 day journey) by E-bicycle to Nottingham (Sponsored by Nottingham City Transport Dept and represent “Walked the Talks” with open dialogues at Nottingham Lakeside Arts in December 2021.

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