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Love Ssega

Airs of the South Circular

Love Ssega looks down into the camera lens. He is stood against a blue sky background, wearing a bright red jacket.

Love Ssega will draw on the tragic effects of air pollution in the South Circular and London Boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark to create a four-stranded project bringing the neglected stories and voices of the black community into collective consciousness and public debate. The project will be delivered through the mediums of a recorded EP, visual trailer, pamphlet and comic.

Airs of the South Circular is a Common Ground commission for Season for Change.

About the artist

Love Ssega is a recording artist, songwriter and producer primarily making alternative/electronic-based pop music. He also has a strong interest in both philanthropic, community outreach and social causes through his roles as Ambassador for Music For Youth, a Mentor for Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and as one of the Founding Committee of EarthPercent.

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