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Ergon Theatre

The Wicked Problem

Person sitting in a dark space with a light from above illuminating leaves falling on them

Ergon Theatre. Photo by Drew Forsyth

Ergon Theatre was selected by an open call commission process for a project called Re:Con x Contact: The Wicked Problem, which is commissioning artists to explore themes around climate change, and specifically what this looks like for the future of Manchester.

About the project

The year is 2061.

Energy is currency, individual spending is limited.
Borders are closed & manned by military personnel.
You are invited to be JUDGE & JURY in an ecological genocide trial.

You must determine guilt or innocence.

The interactive nature of the performance perfectly aligns with Ergon’s aim to actively engage the audience and ensure that engagement is not a passive experience. In asking the audience to take part in a trial we feel like this will allow more depth of exploration within issues such as climate justice and equity.

What is…

geographical privilege, climate grief, equity, climate
justice, ethical judgement, intergenerational impact,
sustainability, climate action, environmental anxiety?

Join the debate: Where does the responsibility lie? How easy is it to change? Is it difficult to adapt to this new system?

3 – 6 November at Contact Theatre. Book your tickets.

Read a blog by Robin from Ergon Theatre about the project

About the artist

Ergon Theatre creates performance-based work about futures and the climate crisis.

About the organisation

Contact is where young people change their lives through the arts, and audiences of all ages experience exciting new shows.

Contact is the leading national theatre and arts venue to place young people at the decision-making heart of everything. Young people aged 13-30 genuinely lead, working alongside staff in deciding the artistic programme, making staff appointments and act as full Board members.

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