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Leticia Laxon / Olga Koroleva / Adrianna Liedtke / Valentine Comar

I Have Nothing But My Body

I Have Nothing But My Body (poster, 2018) designed by Emre Kizildelioglu. Copyright 2016 Vagabond Gallery

Leticia Laxon / Olga Koroleva / Adrianna Liedtke / Valentine Comar

I Have Nothing But My Body

10–11 August 2018

4.30 - 8pm

Vagabond Gallery


Multidisciplinary, Talk, Theatre, Visual Arts

This programme at Vagabond Gallery consists of a festival of two consecutive days, interconnected in concept. Leticia Laxon’s performance “Travessia: I bequeath you my clothes, not my sketchbook” will take place in the main space, and will interact with the specificity of the site, through the use of the multiple doors available in and around the given space. This piece is linked to loss, and the clothes inherited have a cathartic component, which would allow “ [their] release and the performer”. Channelling Amerindian perspectivism, the artist is transforming the piece into a pluralistic human and non-human world, where reality is apprehended as an opposition to the western perception of nature, and where identity becomes uncertain.

The Political Animal will be hosting a reading group that aims at furthering the conversation, and deepening the understanding of Amerindian perspectivism, particularly Eduardo Viveiros de Castro.

On the second day, Valentine Comar will be hosting a round-table discussion about the permacuratorial and how art can be more sustainable, through collective thinking, and curatorial responsibility. Afterwards, Adrianna Liedtke will explore bird watching, in her performance “One For The Birds”, taking visitors on a trip to the nearby ecological park. This piece will be followed by a talk about the labour of animals, and of labouring animals.

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