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New Writing North: Writing the Climate with Linda France

The Writing Hour

New Writing North: Writing the Climate with Linda France

The Writing Hour

29 June 2021


New Writing North

Newcastle upon Tyne

England – North


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The extended isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic is affecting writers in different ways. Some are able to be immensely productive, luxuriating in the uninterrupted space and solitude. Others are struggling to maintain focus and motivation. The Writing Hour is an experiment in shared writing time, offered as part of Linda France’s Writing the Climate Residency. There will be an opportunity to come together once a month on Zoom and simply write together in silence.

Concentration is contagious and working in a group setting can make a big difference to the energy and awareness we bring to our writing. There will be no preamble or structure apart from a free-writing prompt, with half an ear on the world around us, to get us started. We will write for around 50 minutes and there will be a brief, non-compulsory, space at the end to share any passing thoughts with fellow writers.

These sessions are designed for writers with their own ongoing practice or those used to writing alongside others in workshop situations. There is no formal guidance or teaching but simply a chance to come together, open our hearts, minds and language banks and connect with others in writerly solidarity.

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