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10 August 2018

The National Forest came alive for Timber Festival

People dancing in a circle in a field
Timber Festival 2018

“A young astonishing forest that is making its world where once a world like this did not exist…this festival feels to me the start of something that’s going to grow and grow from here.”
Robert MacFarlane

Timber Festival launched at Feanedock in the heart of The National Forest this July and saw 4,000 people come together over the weekend to celebrate the transformative impact of trees and forests. We explored what woodlands can mean to us, how we can live, work and play in them and through incredible arts and culture reimagined our relationship with our environment.

“Timber was the most inspiring festival I’ve been to. The opportunity to wander around a beautiful woodland area, happening upon art installations, VR experiences, and live music and spoken word at every turn was incredible.”
Danielle Patrick, Head of Projects & Events Arts Marketing Association

In amongst a whole host of arts forms, music, dance, theatre, spoken word, woodland crafts, activities and performances there were highlights including Robert Macfarlane talking about the music that connects him to the natural world, Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon installation, Stuart Maconie on the pleasures of walking in nature, VR experience In The Eyes Of The Animal which helped us see the world through the eyes of our british wildlife, immersive theatre from Jony Easterby and a celebration of BBC Radio 3’s Slow Radio.

And all of this with the backdrop of Feanedock a woodland site that was once an industrial coal mining landscape, reclaimed and reforested.

The festival felt incredibly celebratory and positive inspiring audiences to reconnect with the natural world and create a positive future. This Guardian review offers a great insight into the festival and you can also look through the photo gallery.

Dates have just been announced for next year’s Timber Festival on 5–7 July 2019 so get your Early Bird tickets now.

Blog written by Sarah Bird, Director Wild Rumpus CIC

Lady doing acrobats in the woods
Timber Festival 2018
Lady dancing with dancing in front of stage
Timber Festival 2018
People dancing in a marquee at a festival
Timber Festival 2018