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22 April 2021

The Season for Change is now!

THE SEASON FOR CHANGE IS NOW! Are we able to meet the challenge?

This Earth Day, Season for Change announces the full, nationwide programme of creative projects inspiring inclusive climate action. Workshops, performances, exhibitions, talks, and film screenings will take place across the country from April-July 2021, ahead of COP26, the UN’s climate negotiations hosted by the UK this November. 

On 22 April 1970, Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea to hold a nationwide environmental teach-in, he said: ‘Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures. Are we able to meet the challenge?’


This was the start of Earth Day, which marked the birth of the modern environmental movement. Hear from some of the UK’s artists and activists as they take us on a journey through time and the real-life speeches that still resonate today, as we ask the question:

How can the UK’s creative and cultural community inspire urgent and inclusive action on climate change?

At the heart of Season for Change are 15 multidisciplinary art commissions including 9 participatory projects with arts organisations, and 6 Common Ground commissions led by artists working with historically under-represented communities in the climate movement. The commissions are supported by a lively Open Programme, where any artist, creative or cultural organisation can get involved by producing a climate-focused event or activation.

Season for Ex-Change returns on 29 April 2021 with an 8-week programme of free online events for artists, arts organisations, cultural practitioners, producers, curators and anyone who wants to learn about, share knowledge or get ideas and inspiration on embedding climate action and climate justice in their artistic and creative work. Speakers include Joon Lyn Goh, Kinsi Abdulleh, Chanté Joseph, Thimali Kodikara and Araceli Carmago.

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