Season For Change

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5 October 2018

Visionary Fictions at ONCA

A gallery space contains a white floor mat covered in objects and texts, surrounded by door mats with texts including 'Already Too Late' and 'How Can I Give Hope to a Child?'
We Almost Didn’t Make It by Beverly Naidus

Supported by a project grant from Arts Council England and part of Season for Change, ONCA in Brighton has been hosting a series of sci-fi inspired workshops, talks and installations collectively called Visionary Fictions in summer and autumn 2018.

Visionary Fictions is a term coined by American writer Walidah Imarisha to describe speculative fictions that envision and fight for social justice. It’s consistent with multi-species theorist Donna Haraway’s notion of ‘staying with the trouble’. Inspired by these two contemporary approaches, ONCA’s programme aims to challenge mainstream climate change narratives, generate empowering visions of the future, and support audiences and participants to differently imagine futures and create visions for just and habitable worlds.

HOAX: stuck - Visionary Fictions | ONCA